Frivolous Lost And Forgotten (Lessizmore rec) For all the music Frivolous has shared with us over the years, like any artist he has a wealth of unreleased gems that have lain dormant in dusty corners of hard drives with only their neighboring sketches, doodles and unfinished jams for company. Good news then for those eager to unearth every sound emitted by the man, as a new compilation on Lessizmore lets slip some hidden gems that date right back to the early days of Daniel Gardner’s project. Frivolous has matured like a fine whiskey, retaining the same creative spirit in his most recent output that he sported when he first emerged on Background Records in 2002 while enhancing his production ethic and his approach to melody. This progress is easy to chart over the course of his career, moving through the stripped-down funk of albums and singles for labels such as ~scape and Karloff through to the vocal-infused house music that fed into his releases for Cadenza.

Amidst a much welcome return to his motherland in rural British Columbia, Canada, Frivolous has found time to pore over his staggering archive of productions to provide extra insight to his evolution as an artist. From tracks born in the midst of a relentless gigging schedule supporting his last album Meteorology to intro tracks for pop albums that may never see the light of day, Lost & Forgotten addresses the fear of every music lover that their most celebrated artists may be sat on reams of life-affirming material that shall, for whatever reason, remain private. Lucky for all fans of Frivolous then that he chose to summon up the soaring drama of ‘Far From This World’, originally penned in 2008, or re-visit the computer game baiting brilliance of ‘303D’ from 2004. The fact that tracks from such disparate times in Gardner’s life can sit together so comfortably speaks volumes for the focused creative path along which Frivolous unfolds. Lost & Forgotten provides a neat overview of everything he has achieved so far, but more importantly it provides ardent followers of Frivolous with an insight into music that might not have ordinarily made it out of the studio.


Artist:  Frivolous
Title:  Lost & Forgotten
Label:  Lessizmore
Catalog No.:  LILP01