Episode 80 of our Fresh Faces series comes in buzzing from Armand Hill.

Armand Hill is a DJ and producer from Latvia. He found his love towards electronic music after living in London for 3 years. During that time he experienced the club scene in London full on and upon arriving back home to Latvia he decided to show his hometown Riga the beauty of electronic music by organising a series of events called AFTERGLOW SESSIONS. AFTERGLOW SESSIONS started as small parties for friends and now it has become a much bigger  event that showcases the variety that this genre has to offer inviting top DJ’s from Latvia and the Baltics to play. Armand Hill has appeared in such venues like Autentika, OneOne, Tallinas Pagalms and KÕU Festival in Estonia. Although 2020 has put everything on hold he has big plans for 2021.

In his sets Armand Hill likes to mix deep melodic vibes with high energy synth sounds that create a dreamy energy bomb.



Turn it up & enjoy!