Lonely Boy has been a prominent member of our community for as long as we can remember; cultivating his unique and funky presence though his one of a kind productions and legendary live performances and we couldn’t be happier to have him on board.

His ‘Fashionably Funky’ EP is the perfect blend of live instruments and his signature ‘party starting’ production techniques. It has something for everyone to get down to. It’s fun, it’s catchy and it makes a bold statement that music is supposed to be fun. Lonely nailed it on the head with this one, and we know you’re going to dig it as much as we do.

Following Lonely Boy’s monster two-track ensemble, we find some serious remix duties coming directly from the label founders themselves, DJ Susan and Nutty. These boys had some big shoes to fill with this one and made sure to come correct when breathing new life into the already perfect originals by picking up the tempo, turning up the bass and creating some serious dance floor heaters.

The EP is absolutely MASSIVE and will certainly get you grooving, so slap on those dancing shoes and prepare to get weird as Lonely Boy and the Hood Poli boys prepare to send us off on another remarkable journey through space and sound. ALL ABOARD!




Artist: Lonely Boy, DJ Susan, Nutty
Title: Fashionably Funky
Label: Hood Politics Records
Release Date: 2018-05-11





– jams
Jimbo James