[Free Download] Just received this FreEP (ya thats Free + EP uhh) from James Silk in my inbox and thought it would be good to release this for him to all of you. He has chosen 4 tracks by DJ T. (that honestly are some of my favorites from last year) and has given the tracks a little James Silk Sexines. These are all available for free download (thanks James!) and you can get them all right here!




Track list:

1.       DJ T. feat Nick Maurer – Burning (James Silk’s Burn This remix)

2.       DJ T. feat Khan– Leaving Me (James Silk’s Static remix)

3.       DJ T. feat James Teej – Sense (James Silk’s Frozen Plates remix)

4.       DJ T. feat Cari Golden– City Life (James Silk’s Perpetual Motion dub)