[Free Download]  Newly formed label Purp & Soul are flying out of the gates with their third release, and are graciously gifting it to you for free.  Already making waves with their first two releases, and getting approval from the likes of Miguel Puente, Climbers, Mark Wells, and many more, they are establishing themselves firmly in the dance world.  For this release they get Harry Wolfman on board who delivers a fabulous EP with remixes from Dan Styles and Jouhl.

The title track ‘How Do You Want It’ is a dance floor jam.  Taking elements from the rap classic done by Tupac, Harry adds a mischievously dark feel to this track which so nicely adapts it to this genre. Jouhl adds his own style to the title track with his sublime remix.  The next track ‘Brown Sugar’, Harry now focus’ his attention to R&B and takes the D’angelo track and gives it a sinisterly funky fresh feel, while Dan Styles takes the track and gives it a more minimal futuristic feel.

Overall this is a great EP, Purp & Soul are moving forward and are so nicely gifting us this EP.  Everyone should download and we thank you Purp & Soul for the free music