Fred Everything

The ever-talented Canadian DJ/producer Fred Everything has us groovin’ with his delightful new EP out on Defected Records. Believe features the lovely vocals of Kathy Diamond and is certain to produce those feel-good vibes.

Frédéric Blais, aka Fred Everything, began experimenting with music by the age of 13 when he was finally able to purchase his own synthesizer. Years later, he began DJing in the early 90’s and was recognized as “Everything” due to his eclectic musical stylistics. Fred creates sounds encompassing a broad range of genres: from techno to house; ambient to funky drum ‘n’ bass. Now having refined his own unique style, he proves to be a key player within the house music community.

Inspired by evocative 80’s dance, Believe exudes uplifting melodies–a dreamy high-end hook with those spacious, blissful synths interweaved throughout. Kathy Diamond’s seductively smooth vocals only enhance the alluring, jazzy tone of this EP.  The “Extended Dub” version of this track continues the effervescent groove, and steadily progresses by kicking up the synth buildup over a persistent bassline–incorporating subtle acid undertones.


Artist: Fred Everything ft. Kathy Diamond
Release Date: 2016-02-29
Label: Defected Records
Catalog No.: DFTD484D1

Fred Everything ft. Kathy Diamond – Believe
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– digicandy
Crystal Helman