[Release]  Set for a psychedelic trip bursting through right from the start, swerving at a steady and low angle, afloat on one bass line, slowing down as needed, and then exploding with a magical vocal, ‘There is a Light’ which is also the title track for this EP leaves a permanent sound in the listeners ears and fills the room with a loud soulful vibe. It’s remix which is done by Stephan Bazbaz takes you into a dream like journey where he gives his own unique sound to the original track whereby completely transforming it into something new. Eerie and challenging as the depths of winter which creep and crawls on the skin that is glazed and baked, ‘Warm Winter City’ follows a constant bass line put together with simple but striking elements which pull you into a hole and sink you in. Oscillating beats, resounding and gravitating vocals, One Tape delivers combinations of velocity and sound, traveling through different spaces.


Artist: Frankie Dep &2nd Sequel
Title:  There id s Light
Label:  Cream Couture Records
Catalog No.:  CCR009

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