[New Release]  With so much music being released on a daily  basis, it’s hard to catch all of those must have tracks.  Emotion is one that you really shouldn’t sleep on.  Raone Franco and Salla join forces to bring us this awesome release, out now on Erase Records.

‘Emotion’ is a super sexy track with the deepest of grooves and the smoothest of moves.  Enchanting vocals on this track set the mood for a lengthy musical journey.  For the second track Franco and Salla remix Sugar Hill‘s ‘Choose Among,’  of which they have created a stunning, sublime take.  A beautiful blend of  bass and alluring tones, along with seductive vocals, make this track a must have.

Emotion is a great release through and through and I really expect to start hearing more material in a similar fashion from these twoThis definitely is a record some may skip over, but I’m telling you now that that would be a big mistake.  Make sure you pick this bad boy up and start playing it in your sets.


Artists:  Franco & Salla
Title:  Emotion
Label:  Erase Records
Catalog No.:  ER209

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