FP Oner is back with a mystical new album 6. Also known as Fred P and the Black Jazz Consortium this man releases a very diverse style of music under various names. This latest album is from the Japanese label MuleMusiq. Created by Toshiya Kawaski, this underground label started strong and then combined with Kompakt to expand into a larger realm. As Kawaki says “it’s just meaningless to separate house and techno anymore” so he merged his label to create more awesome.

With the 2nd album under the name FP Oner this 6 album or Reap Love is a journey of majestic beauty. To kick off the 11 track album with “Awakening Co Creator” which whistles with a transgression of melodic bells over a unique house beat. Both “Kundalini Rising” and “Decalcified” are like a sci-fi trip through a transformational hole in a space that weaves through synths.  “New Life Form” builds up on a lower bass, but has a higher metamorphosis of sounds. “Learning Process” is like floating through bubbles you can pop and squeeze. “Gather Strength” goes into a tribal feel with an awesome back beat. “Alternate Reality” is an atmosphere of sound. “Reap Love” is light and frisky.  Then to close it out we slow it down with “Things to Come” and “Vision in Osaka”. All of the tracks are an expedition through sound. Combining them together is like a trip through various dimensions of time and space. Late night vibes and wild rides with 6.


Artist: FP Oner
Release Date:
Label: MuleMusiq
Label:Catalog No: MuleMusiq 200

FP Oner – 6

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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor