[Forthcoming Release] Here comes Voices of Black with a lot of sexy rolling off their musical minds. The two are carving out a seriously unique and soulful sound, in an industry inundated the same sample packs.  Their latest, Atom Bomb (out April 23rd), brings you back to a twisted reality of drawn out synths, jazz-infused melodies and a slow-slow groove that just packs the touch-me heat.   Tanner Ross lends his talent on a remix that takes you down to 98 (!) BMP for some ultra-slow groove cooking, while No Regular Play does the opposite by flitting straight to the dance floor grind. The three modes of Atom Bomb–Ross, Original, and No Regular Play — make this EP a vision of dance music symbiosis.
Voices of Black- Atom Bomb by Voices of Black

Voices Of Black – Atom Bomb ( Tanner Ross Mix ) by Tanner Ross

Voices of Black – Atom Bomb (No Regular Play feat. John Camp Remix) by no regular play
And, disco dancers, don’t forget to show off your moves to Voices of Black tomorrow, April 20th at Analog Bar in San Diego.