[Forthcoming Release]  Anytime I get wind of a new Rebel EP I’m always ecstatic.  Finding out that it’s coming out on Electronique Digital only makes my enthusiasm grow exponentially.  One of the heaviest producers, on one of the heaviest labels is a recipe for pure deep bliss, and you get that with Fake Choices.  To top it all off, they also have Louie Fresco, Max Chapman, and Marco Darko providing remixes to what is sure to be a deep house bass monster!

The title track is a sublime blend of banging beats with copious amounts of bass, an overall provocatively ominous tune with tons of great layers, vocals, and as always, that HUGE sound that Rebel is known for.  Louie Fresco lightens it up a bit with his remix but maintains the original’s sinister feel.  Marco Darko sends us into a future dimension with his ghetto space-funked out remix, while Max Chapman goes a little more into the techy side of things. Rebel eventually lends another original, ‘Futuristic City,’ which is another massive track that asserts the style, taste, and talent that this man has.

Overall it’s another stunning release for both Rebel and Electronique and one thing we can always count on is that both these artists and this label will continue to release quality tunes time and time again.


Artist:  Rebel
Title:  Fake Choices EP
Label:  Electronique
CatalogNo.:  ED019
Release Date:  13 July 2012