[Forthcoming Release] Hypercolour imprint is set to release the newest EP from Maya Jane Coles November 14, 2011.

Track List:
01 Parallel Worlds
02 Something in the Air
03 Dub Child
04 Cutting it Fine

Artist: Maya Jane Coles
Title: Don’t Put Me in Your Box
Label: Hypercolour
Cat: Hype022
Release Date: November 14, 2011


The always on-point Hypercolour imprint deliver “Donʼt Put Me in Your Box” EP from the talented Maya Jane Coles this winter. Featuring four new original cuts and artwork created by the multi-faceted producer, the EP marks the final 12″ release before her album project takes hold in 2012.

Donʼt Put Me in Your Boxʼ is the London-based producerʼs most ambitious EP yet. Much like her previous output the rich, melodic and warm characteristics are present but thereʼs an increasing maturity that bleeds across the four tracks.

The classic deep house tropes of Colesʼ early material are still superbly delivered in ʻParallel Worldsʼ and ʻCutting It Fineʼ but are presented in a refreshingly subtle and original context that provides a snapshot of contemporary house music at itʼs finest. While those bookending tracks tip a nod to previous material the lurching, dub-house of ʻDub Childʼ and the strikingly beautiful melodies ʻSomething in The Airʼ see the young producer exploring, creating a well-rounded EP touching on the breadth of modern house.
Maya Jane Coles – ʻDonʼt Put Me In Your Boxʼ EP by Hypercolour

Music Video for Parallel Worlds