[Forthcoming Release] Every so often a record comes along that seems to avoid a genre definition. They take elements of different styles and combine them into something new, something that makes the listener perk up and think, “What’s this?” This seems to be the case with Martin Virgin‘s forthcoming EP, Bangu Rykliui (Union Jack Records).

Title track “Bangu Rykliui” is a spaced out disco dream set in slow motion. Along with drums made for two stepping, a funky 70’s style bass line lays down the foundation for the song. But what really sends the listener into the stars are the details in the music. Soaring synths, echoing piano riffs varying in octave ranges, and a very subtle vocal sample set the mood for this other worldly slow jam.

For “Embrace The Moments,” Rykliui‘s B-side, Virgin keeps us in the outer atmosphere, but this time taking us to a space age Studio 54. The song manages to keep a disco tinge, which makes for a cohesive feel to the record, but a notched up tempo, futuristic synths, lasers, and an excellent use of vocals provided by Highleef makes “Moments” much more suited for dirty dancing. You can almost see the people sniffing space dust as they sweat the night away.

Two remixes of “Moments” close off the record, a stripped down version by Saxtone and a bass pumping nu-disco rework by St. Stereo.

Bangu Rykliui is a welcome breath of fresh air; a variation from the norm that still manages to stay grounded while transporting us out of our reality, if only for a few minutes.


Artist Name: Martin Virgin
Title: Bangu Rykliui
Record Label: Union Jack Records
Catalog Number: UJR009
Release Date: TBD