[Forthcoming Release] Out at the end of the month on Berlin based label Klasse Recordings is Jordan Peak‘s new EP, Missdemeanours. For all you Lovers out there that like to keep it deep, dark, and groovy, Missdemeanours is 15 minutes of pure heaven. “Move With It” serves up a good dose of bass that’ll keep your head bobbing and feet moving. And with a remix courtesy of Huxley, these two tracks alone could keep you dancing until daylight.

However, it’s the title track that really shines on this EP. It starts off upbeat enough but quickly brings you right back down to the deep. As the song progresses it becomes evident that this is the kind of music that should never be played while the sun is out and really, isn’t that the best kind of music?

Missdemeanours comes out April 30 but you can pre-order both digital and vinyl now.