[Forthcoming Release] For their debut release for 2012, Hypercolour puts forth the “Let it Go” EP featuring two of the most hotly tipped producers of the moment, Huxley, with the original, and Eats Everything on the remix.

Huxleyʼs rousing vocal houser ʻLet It Goʼ has a typically Hypercolour back story, with the on-point producer signing the release off the back of turning up to a festival gig for the label late and dropping the newly written track in the back of an ice cream van to a crowd five people strong. ʻThose five people were having the time of their lives so I signed it on the spotʼ is Jamie Russellʼs statement on the matter.

Artist: Huxley
Label: Hypercolour
Release/catalogue number: Hype023
Release Date:
February 15, 2012
Huxley – Let It Go (Original Mix)

Huxley – Let It Go (Eats Everything Remix)