[Forthcoming Release] Due February 2nd (digital), Culprit gets set to release the remix package for the “Endless Feeling” EP by Gavin Herlihy.

Release Dates:
Vinyl: January 23, 2012
Digital: February 2, 2012 (Beatport)

Typically remix packages are commissioned to extend the life of a hot-selling single; however, Culprit’s newest release, a remix package of Gavin Herlihy’s ‘Endless Feeling’ EP bucks the trend and immediately follows the originals (such is the faith the label has in Gavin’s work and a testament to the richness of its sound that lends itself well to sophisticated interprations).

The excitement for Herlihy’s beautifully crafted slabs of modern house was shared by the excellent remixers brought on board – Visionquest’s Shaun Reeves paired with the Culprit stalwart Inxec, while mulletover’s Geddes and Noir hotshot Larse fill out the package.