[Forthcoming Release] Living in a desert, summer is never a season that one looks forward to. 90 degree weather by eight in the morning, 120 by noon, humidity you could cut with a knife, and an overall uncomfortable aura; it’s not exactly the best four months of the year. But with every new summertime track that gets released, I find myself getting more and more excited for it. So it seems fitting that the new EP from Funky Fat & Digitaria would be titled Masochist (Hot Creations). The four track record is chock full of summertime anthems that are guaranteed to have any party goer smiling through the suffering.

Indie tinged title dance track ‘Masochist’ delivers funky bass lines and a bold, distinct female vocal while the airy Digitaria remix of their own ‘Paradise’ switches it up, making it so you can almost feel the breeze and sunshine on your face. Funky Fat & Digitaria come together for B-side ‘You Bring Me Down,’ an ironic title, considering the bounciness of the track is sure to do anything but. Masochist finishes with ‘Crazy Life’, an uptempo deep house cut with more of the alluring female vocals that are featured throughout the record.

A perfect set of tracks to kick off your summer parties, Masochist is available May 7.


Artist Name: Funky Fat & Digitaria
Title: Masochist
Record Label: Hot Creations
Release Date: May 07, 2012
Catalog Number: HC20