[Forthcoming Release] British producer and Hot Creations rising star, Cera Alba, drops a couple previews for his next project. The EP, entitled Save The Day (Turquoise Blue), consists of a couple original tracks with remixes courtesy of Droog vs Inxec and Julien Sandre.

The title track for Save The Day is classic deep house. The constant echo throughout the song, both from the music and the vocals, really open it up, giving it a large, empty warehouse feel. The listener really starts to get lost in the music until the perfectly lowered pitch Whitney Houston sample kicks in as a reminder that this is indeed a track to be danced to.

Zeno of Elea, an ancient Greek philosopher, devised a set of philosophical paradoxes in defense of the belief that “all is one” and everything is an illusion. These paradoxes were dubbed “Zeno’s Paradoxes”, and Alba could not have chosen a better title for the second track on Save The Day. Musically, “Zeno’s Paradoxes” keeps it pretty simple. Basically a blend of drums and a few FX, the main focus of the track is the vocal narration. A man’s run in with a mind-altering substance sends him on an exploration of his self and the listener has the privilege of joining him on the journey. Quite the opposite of the the first track, this is definitely one for the end of the night.

“Zeno’s Paradox” is the only track to get remixed. As strange as it is, it’s hard to imagine what Droog vs Inxecs and Julian Sandre’s re-imagining of it will sound like. But it’s no doubt that they won’t disappoint. This EP is one to look forward to.


Available for purchase June 4.


Artist Name: Cera Alba
Title: Save The Day
Record Label: Turquoise Blue
Release Date: June 4, 2012