[Forthcoming Release] From ALiVE Recordings:

“Armed only with a garlic necklace two brave adventurers from ALiVE set off to Romania, the legendary home of Count Dracula – the original after hours freak – in search of musical inspiration. Taking care only to travel during daylight hours we made for the market town of Targu-Mures in the heart of Transylvania, where lurking in a dark booth we found another of the region’s infamous freaks, dj/producer & Cimede Records boss, Atapy.

“Lured out of the shadows and into the studio with the promise of a hearty meal (we’d bound the label secretary and thrown her in the boot of the car, intending to offer up her neck with a serving of sauté potatoes and a garnish of parsley) young Atapy set about assembling a brace of vamped beats for ALiVE’s 35th release.

“Be aware, for anyone who hears the hypnotic rhythms entwined with the artist’s suggestive vocals will fall under the curse of the Undead. They will be destined to congregate in a zombie-like state wherever there be darkness and electronic music, until such time as they are driven through with a wooden stake.

“Such a fate befell our re-mixers Inxec (Crosstown Rebels, Culprit, Leftroom) and JMX (who has EP’s forthcoming on 2020Vision & ALiVE) who, having tampered with powers beyond their mortal understanding, were found dangling bat-like from the rafters of Room 2 in London’s Fabric Nightclub.”


Out October 10, 2011!

ALiVE035 // Atapy – You Should Know EP // + Inxec & JMX Remixes by ALiVE Recordings