[Forthcoming Release] Crosstown clandestine prodigy Amirali is set to release his debut album ‘In Time’ sometime this spring. The forthcoming single release ‘Beautiful World’ has an incredible remix package from Deniz KurtelHrdvsion, and the stand-out track for us Daniel Bortz, which was recently featured on one of our favorite mixes of 2012 so far, Droog’s promo mix for their gig at Potty Mouth Disco this past weekend. Amirali is also performing live at Crosstown Rebels’ famed Get Lost party in Miami next month.

Not only is ‘Beautiful World’ a superbly crafted and imaginative track, but it also given extra dimensions by a host of talented remixes. As for the little we actually know about Amirali, we can tell he has that special spark and can only wait with excitement ahead of the live show we are told he has ready and prepared to go. We expect him to break convention on the stage just like he has on record.

– Ibiza Voice




– Jams