[Forthcoming Release] Hailed in the UK as “a true aficionado of the house scene, Alexis Raphael has been bubbling underground for the past 12 months, fusing funk, soul and sultry vocals with an emblematic club aesthetic. ‘Into The Light’ has been tantalizing Hot Natured followers since it first entered the sets of Jamie Jones and Lee Foss in the summer of 2011. Restrained and stripped back to the bassline, the moody groove is spliced with vocal snippets and enveloped by shards of eerie FX and murky synth stabs, all leading up to a massive crowd-moving drop and intensified sexy female vocal.” A new spring on the rise and finally available for the masses, this EP is set to become a staple.



Artist: Alexis Raphael
Label: Hot Creations
Catalog: HOTC019
Release Date: April 4