[Release] A small but powerful two track EP out on the always impressive Noir Music. Forrest. is still easily my favorite new male vocalist to come out of 2012 and he will inevitably dominate 2013. This massive track out on the infamous Noir Music is only testament to that fact. Instantly his dreamy sexy vocals captivate all to a deep smooth dance ready bassline. The second track on the EP comes to us from Pablo Fierro. An interesting blend of elements make this an impressive track with many hidden layers. The distant opera-esque vocals laid down to a steady percussion laced beat sprinkled with little captivating riffs and male howls, make a perfect blend. Absolutely loving this release.



Artist: Forrest. / Pablo Fierro
Title: Marlon Brando / Bring The Night
Label: Noir Music
Release Date:  March 4
Catalog: NMB045



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