Saturday 4th February
Albert Hall, Manchester
21:00 – 03:00

Foreverland is an experience like no other – a movie-like trip into another world brought to life with interactive walkabout characters, mind-bending moments of un-reality and thousands of wonky party people. Each iconic and theatrical party has trippy themed decorations, explosive ice and confetti cannons, vivid body paints and fiery flames that are a feast for the eyes. The current Down The Rabbit Hole theme is a psychedelic take on Alice In Wonderland that makes for ravey spin-offs in alternate worlds. It was launched at Printworks to a sold out crowd of 5000 people. Once you enter the party, falling clocks and alien artefacts are around every corner, melting visuals and neon lights all add to the cinematic feel and ensure you are left in complete awe and wonder.

Experience raving like NEVER before.Swim in a sea of chaotic confetti and challenge your imagination. Join us as we bring our extra-terrestrial fairy-tale to Manchester this Spring. Emphasising the surreal. expect a ceiling of falling clocks and alien artefacts – a theatrical world full of tricks and a myriad of melting moments guaranteed to boggle the brain.

Interactive Walkabout Characters
Trippy Themed Decorations
CO2 Jets, Flames & Confetti Explosions
Mind-Bending Moments
House & Tech House Anthems
2500+ Wonky Ravers
+ much more!