[Release]  I said it before, and I’ll say it again, Cream Couture Records is one of my top 3 favorite labels in underground music. Although they’ve only been around a relatively short while, every single release they have stamped their endless knot emblem on, I have been overwhelmingly in love and obsessed with. Their latest release comes to us from Fly O Tech, an Electronic Band, composed of Demian Muller and Ernesto Yoga. Demian Muller, a vocalist and notable producer of the global electronic music scene today, is a young artist marked for his versatility as a producer and innovation on DJ sets. Ernesto Yoga, with a last name like Yoga and myself being a yogi how can I not immediately love him, is multi-instrumentalist and musician that has had extensive experience with the genres of Rock, Afro-Latin and Classical music. His musical evolution has thus far culminated in electronic music, and the creation of Fly-O-Tech in 2012.

Fly-O-Tech is known for powerful live shows, with a modern and elegant sound cutting across the boundaries of House, Techno and Nu-Disco. Founded in 2003 by Demian Muller, with Rob Golden, this project offers a live orchestra of music, paying no heed to tradition and classes of genre it is integration, innovation…almost evolution. This highly anticipated album has elements consisting of watery electronic beats, to feel and follow the dancing rain right through and into your soul. Fly-O-Tech pulls, swims in deeper emotions, but comforts that this slow drop will be lifted, if not by the sweet vocals, then by the beautiful symphony of life captured by a solo piano. The rain falls, the music plays, you wade through the beats, and then that call a completed circle of a personal and unified journey, created for you by Fly-O-Tech.

Loaded with 10 beautiful and blissful indie dance/nu-disco tracks, this album is an enchanting story, a journey from beginning to end. Definitely different than the usual deep and dance floor heaters, this album is to be appreciated as artwork and danced to through inspiration. Open your minds and get lost in this one darlings …


Artist: Fly O Tech
Title: Spacetacula
Label: Cream Couture
Release Date: November 30
Catalog: CCR005



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