[New Release]  2012 has definitely been a great year for Electronique Digital.  A slew of releases already behind them, this next gem is from Flow & Zeo.  Easily becoming one of my favorite producers, Flow & Zeo’s hard hitting, in your face approach to everything deep and dark is getting a lot of attention.  In addition, they partner up with Velkro and new comer V.O.R to bring us this awesome release which will surely get a lot of attention.

‘NY Candy’ is a hauntingly dark track which gives tribute to the East Coast city and the famous candy that makes so many adults feel dandy.  With a wickedly deep bass line and ominous melody, this jam is definitely a late night heater.  ‘Now You Know’ has easily become one of my new favorite tracks.  With its dark synths, rolling bass line, and sexy tones, this jam is good for anytime of the night and should be a must play for anyone’s set.

Overall this is an amazing release for both Electronique and Flow & Zeo. Electronique show once again that they will continue to release incredible music, while Flow & Zeo are firmly establishing themselves as the new dream team in dance music.  As always, I look forward to anything coming out on Electronique and everyone should keep their eyes and ears open for anything coming out from this new super-duo.


Artits:  Flow & Zeo
Title:  NY Candy/Now You Know
Label:  Electronique Digital
Catalog No.:  ED022

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