[New Release] Since the first time my ears were graced with the sounds of “If You Only Knew,” I have been a Finnebassen fiend. Each new track was aural crack, keeping me on a high just long enough to hold me over until he released another hit. And with his debut EP, What You Do, coming out on NastyFunk Records, he finally lets the world have a huge dose of that Finnebassen funk that has so many hooked.

Just about everyone uses vocal samples, and most pull it off exquisitely, but when Finnebassen does it, it seems a little more special. Title track and opener “What You Do” is no exception. Catchy, infectious, and perfectly expressing my thoughts towards his music, they’ll have you singing along in no time. The vocals are complimented perfectly with the disco beats and deep bass line to create a track made for the dance floor.

B-side “A Little Somethin Somethin” flips the vibe around for a more dream-like feeling. “Filled with hazy pads, a silky percussion and a smooth baseline,” Somethin Somethin is one for the after hours.

British producer DeMarzo jolts you out of the haze with the first in a trio of “What You Do” remixes. A faster, more upbeat take on the original, it’s peak hours ready and one that lives up to the NastyFunk name. Mexican rising stars Nobody Knows provide the second remix, which takes the listener down a darker path — the vocals taking more of a backseat and letting the haunting synths and organs revel in the spotlight and make for a beautiful, melancholic piece of work.

NastyFunk boss Hendriks takes the reins for the final remix. A bouncing bass line and head bobbing percussion, Hendriks spaced out take on the original is a perfect closer for an absolutely superb record.

Both Finnebassen and NastyFunk Records are names that should be on everyone’s radar, and it’s this joining of forces that may very well launch both of them into the top tier of the industry.


Artist Name: Finnebassen
Title: What You Do
Record Label: NastyFunk Records
Release Date: Sept. 12
Catalog Number: NF006