MTK009 brings Low Tide members Finley and Saand, with their single “Sanctum”. The recognisable Low Tide sound is on full show here as Sanctum incorporates a warm and moody atmosphere created by flowing pads and wooden percussion effects, washed in reverb. Movement is added with a light arpeggiating delay synth lead over a piece of two half’s. These half’s are defined in the bass. The first section of the track sees a stripped back punchy groove based bass, syncopating with the kick drum. The second half and the bass takes on more of a pad element, longer legato tones providing the track with a slow moving warm low end. The production is finished off with a subtle low vocal feature that can be herd in small parts throughout. This release includes three remixes, disCerN’s Jonny Cruz, Dance Spirit and David Scuba. Jonny Cruz has created a punchy yet hypnotic feel, with interplay between the arpeggiating delay synth of the original track and his own softer arpeggiating pad elements and stabs parts. Soft high pads add space and a low pad bass adds the weight which provide the basis for a new lead line to take shape on. Dance Spirit have offered up a stripped back and very percussive take on Sanctum. Clinical and well thought out beat syncopation provide the track with real danceability, whilst musical stabs and pads come in and out, working between the spaces in the rhythms to finish a very intelligent production. Finally David Scuba has provided the release with another spacious and punchy remix, this time playing around with the vocal loop as the main focal point to the track. Not as dark in nature as the other tracks, the arpeggiating delay synth of the original can be herd subtly playing around in the background behind a crisp beat section and bouncy bass line.


Artist: Finley & SAAND
Title:  Sanctum
Label:  Motek
Catalog No.:  MTK009
Release Date:  18 May 2015