The new DHB EP is another majestic one that explores fine melodic house sounds from FATÏA, while remixes from Divestorm, Rafael Cerato and NICKO///// add weight to the package. 

Right off the bat this magical tune enchants you with its exotic leads and original melodies. It’s from a middle eastern culture and has warm, rolling beats to get you into a state of mind that is soothing and escapist. Aiwa (Rafael Cerato Remix) is a more tense and tech edged tune with slick bass riding up through the mix and Aiwa (Divestorm Prelude Remix) hits harder with pinging kicks and slapping hits. Its a fine rework that brings more menace to the originally and finally Aiwa (NICKO///// Remix) steps up with a soulful remix with lush chords and cosmic vibes.