Thursday, March 26, Faceless Recordings will be presenting a showcase at The Social Lubricant (TSL Lounge Wynwood) Miami featuring many of the top artists on their label roster including Chaim, Simon Baker, Inxec, label boss Silky, Nitin, Bambook and more. To top it off, they’ve got some incredible special guests set to perform as well. We can’t say who, but we can say that you’ll be pissed if you miss them. In our opinion, when you see “Special Guests” on a lineup for a party like this, they’re playing somewhere else for the money, but can’t miss out on playing a party like this one, for the vibe. Vibe is king, especially when it comes to Miami events.


167 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127
Thursday, March 26th

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We were able to catch up with our buddy Silky and ask him a few questions about why you should be here on the 26th. This is what he said:

Interview with Silky:

Hey Silky, we love your label, we love your parties… but what would you say to someone who has never been to one of your events? Why should they come to this Faceless Showcase?

If you didn’t come to Faceless Miami last year, you need to come this year. TSL is the perfect location for our party, and it’s big enough yet still intimate enough to create a proper family vibe. All the artists playing are also our friends and this completely shows through. It’s about the best in cutting edge talent and fun!

Can you tell us about some of the artists you have on your lineup? It seems your lineup comes from all over the world!

Like I mentioned all the artists on the line up are friends as well as associated with the label. Actually, I asked Simon to play after I heard him play at BPM this year, I’ve heard him many times before but this time he really played some amazing stuff so I’m excited to hear what he has in store for us.

Chaim is the man! He remixed one of our biggest singles by Bambook (who are also playing and basically just release hit after hit) a couple of years ago, and it’s still playlisted by artists to this day. He’s also someone I love to hear play.

Inxec and Nitin always throw down and Nitin has been supporting the label since the inception. Nitin has played a lot of our showcases globally already and I’ll be announcing Inxec’s new remix forthcoming on Faceless soon.

Pattern Drama aka Corey Baker, Atnarko, Finley and Joyson have all just released a track each on our Miami 2015 sampler, which has been getting some great feedback so far. Joyson will be performing live!

Adam Saville is our main resident from London. He always blows me away with the music he plays and can rock any set time in any club. He’s incredibly versatile and that’s why he’s our resident.

Last but not least, we have Cali Lanauze, who although young, has released a killer EP on Faceless and other labels such as My Favorite Robot Records, Better on Foot etc. So all in all, I couldn’t be happier with the line up and I can’t wait to hear everyone play!

p.s. Did I mention our Secret Guest(s), we may have two now, which will i’m sure leave everyone talking and remembering this event!

Sounds like this is going to be one hell of a party. See you all in Miami! 


Special Guests +
Simon Baker
Pattern Drama
Joyson (Live)
Adam Saville
Cali Lanuaze




In conjunction with the Faceless event, they will be releasing their Faceless Miami 2015 VA. Previews are available below.

Pt. 1

1. Jay Tripwire – Cyanide
2. Pattern Drama – Ubud
3. Silky feat. Jonny Cruz – Slow Falling
4. Joyson feat. Jeremy Ismael – Way Back
5. Tara Brooks – Metanoia
6. Kellam – Forward Progress


Pt. 2

1. Finley – Sunshine
2. Atnarko feat. Chuck Mendler – Everything I Do
3. Rios – Deltagon
4. Kellam – Forward Progress (Kevin Anderson & Dink Remix)
5. Hands Free – Moments Away

Faceless Image