Italy plays home to some of the greatest house and electronic music that world has been lucky enough to receive, however, in this feature we explore how Italian pair F.T.G & Myndrill come to remix some of the finest music there has ever been. They became allies for this incredibly special remix of Joy Divisions classic “Love Will Tear Us Apart” on Skylax Records, providing their dynamic interpretation of the masterpiece. Adding to the chemistry of the release is an enormous remix from fellow Italian Luca Agnelli, which pays to testament the original.
How did you both meet?

I met him through my friend Benny Blanco aka STEB with whom I made some important collaborations that you will soon hear about, and Myndrill was involved as a sound engineer.

A good feeling and a good empathy both on a musical level and in friendship immediately took off between us and that’s where it all started from…

When did you decide to undertake this remix version?

Thanks to two of my best friends, Guido Bacci and Federico Ceccotti big fans of Joy Division and in particular of Ian Curtis. Guido made me listen to all the JD discography and from there the remix was born after dedicating 2 years to the idea of this project. With the great amount of time at our disposal due to the pandemic, with Myndrill we are refined and concluded it.

Can you tell us about the studio processes involved in creating this version?

It was a long and complex job. Such an iconic song is really very difficult to work with and we decided to play almost all the harmonic parts with vintage synthesizers: these were different from the ones used in the original version and are Moog Sub37, Roland Juno 106, Korg MS20 for harmonic, bass and pad parts.

Grooves made with vintage Roland TR909, TR808 and TR727 drum machines.

Do you think it’s important to work on remixes, instead of just producing your own tracks?

Producing and having your own sound and your own musical style is essential to be able to remix the others. Creating a remix is a decomposition and reassembly operation, bringing a track of others into one’s own musical world. The human mind can function as a machine that breaks down the parts by then recomposing the musical DNA and the beats.

Making a remix is as difficult as it is beautiful, but it must always honor the original song. We hope we did it with “love will tear us apart”.

We have given heart and soul.

How does it feel to have your own music remixed by a legendary artist like Luca Agnelli?

I must say that we are very happy with Luca Agnelli’s remix, it was all very spontaneous, (FTG) a long-standing friendship binds me with Luca. The music did everything without too many words and with a lot of enthusiasm, right from the start, by Luca Agnelli.

What would your dream track be to remix?

Only the music counts, the original mix that will give me great vibrations is definitely a record that deserves a remix on my part. I am not very attached to names but I am very attached to the emotions that music provokes. Whether they were U2 or a nobody matters little to me.

Who would be your dream remixer of one of your tracks?

Dixon / Amê above all, two f*****g genius!!

Are you working together on other projects?

Absolutely yes, we have both made a lot of music in these 2 years of the pandemic. We must say that the ideas and the music flowed like a raging river, we are collecting all these ideas in many parallel projects, both ours and others.