Making an outstanding debut on Purified Records, frequent collaborators Paige & Nihil Young reunited for their two-track ‘Lonely Night’ EP. We caught up with the duo about the release, how they started working together, their partnership with Purified Records, and loads more! Check it out.

Hi guys, welcome to Music is 4 Lovers – where are we speaking to you from today?

PAIGE: Hey, excited to be here, thanks for having us! I’m currently located deep in the jungle of Tulum, Mexico, which has been my home-base for almost two years. I moved here from New York after many incredible visits and always feeling the call to come back.

NIHIL YOUNG: Hi, pleasure being here with you J I’m currently in Czestochowa, Poland. I recently moved here from Italy and I’m enjoying my stay in cozy home in the woods.

Congratulations on your new EP ‘Lonely Night’ on Purified Records! How did this one come about?

PAIGE: Purified has been on our radar for a while. Whenever Nihil and I start a collab, we try to manifest a dream label in that moment, for that specific project and mood. Once we received the Lonely Night vocal idea from Lauren L’aimant, we instantly felt it was a match for Purified and that really inspired us in making the record. We then sent a diverse batch of demos to Nora En Pure, and she liked a lot of them. That’s how we ended up with the EP, and over the next few months you’ll see some singles.

‘Lonely Night’ has that peak time energy, whereas ‘Peaceful Warrior’ has a real slow burning groove to it. What was the inspiration behind both tracks and did you aim to have two contrasting records?

NIHIL YOUNG: I thoroughly enjoyed producing Lonely Night and it was easy to resonate with the vocals and the general feeling of the record, especially thanks to the fact that I’m surrounded by trees and rather isolated. Regarding the contrasting records, I think it’s good to have a record that is more for the dancefloors and one for easy listening.

PAIGE: Peaceful Warrior also has a very special place in my heart. I started the project while sitting next to my father-in-law in the hospital. He was an absolute warrior, hence the title. When he passed, I knew it needed to be completed in his honor later. The song has a deep, spiritual, Tulum-inspired jungle feel, combined with strong, driving, mysterious elements. An experimental hybrid, which I love to do. It’s dedicated to one of the strongest, loving, caring, passionate dads around. Cheers to you, Mark.

Seems like the EP has been going down well in your recent sets! How has it felt playing it out to a crowd?

PAIGE: Yes, it has! I supported Nora En Pure and Elderbrook at her New Year’s Eve show in New York last month, and playing it there was magical. Seeing and feeling the crowd’s reaction is something I’ll remember for a long time. Because both tracks have a different feel and power, playing them in the same set works really, really well. Lonely Night is big, euphoric, loving, and uniting. Peaceful Warrior feels a bit tough, rhythmic, driving, and vibey.

NIHIL YOUNG: I am very happy to see the crowd’s reaction to Nora and Paige playing it – it’s intense.

You guys have worked together on loads of tracks across some incredible imprints! How did you start working together, and what has the journey been like?

PAIGE: I love answering this question. We connected briefly many years back via email, and soon after, exchanged a quick hug at ADE in-person. A couple years passed until we reacquainted and became better friends, spending many days and nights in the studio together and bonding really tight. It quickly felt like a brotherhood. Working together feels like something we were born to do. Solo we are great in our own right, but together our product feels different… it feels timeless and unique. We still have so much in the pipeline that no one has heard yet, it feels kind of insane to hold it all in.

NIHIL YOUNG: I am very happy to have found friendship in this industry after all the negative experiences I had over the years. The minute we sat in the studio together it just felt right, like it was meant to be, and it’s been a great journey so far. I hardly can contain my excitement for the next projects.

What’s it been like working with Purified Records? 

PAIGE: It is a dream come true. On and off the CDJ’s, Nora is so dialed in. She is very involved with the label, which is rare. Purified has a very inclusive, consistent vibe. The team’s energy, communication, vision, and quality control, I respect tremendously and feel very blessed to be a part of. I’ve also been invited to play the Purified Chicago event in April, which I’m buzzing for, alongside Cassian and Eli & Fur. We’ve signed a lot of music to Purified which you will hear over the next several months. This is one of the best labels in dance music right now.

NIHIL YOUNG: I feel like this team has it all figured out. The consistency, the events, the professionalism and the music in general is just impeccable. Unfortunately I haven’t met them in person yet but they all look like great people. Nora has such a great, genuine energy.

Have you had the chance to play a B2B set? If so, where was it?

NIHIL YOUNG: Very sadly, not yet. Hopefully the restrictions and this pandemic will leave us alone soon and better times will come.

Do you have more releases in the pipeline that you’re able to discuss? 

PAIGE: YES! For the last two years, we’ve worked on music nonstop, nearly 7 days a week. Now, we’ve locked in a powerful release schedule due to rollout over the next year. You will see and hear us on Purified a LOT. We’ll also release a few more records on Gorgon City’s REALM, and I can hint another label you will see us debut on come April – OOO. We do have an exciting announcement coming soon, that has been under wraps for a while. We’re just getting started and it feels so right.

You are playing at an event and the power cuts out… what track are you playing to get the crowd going again when it comes back on?

PAIGE: Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You. I don’t need to explain myself…

NIHIL YOUNG:  “The End Of The Earth Is Upon Us”… So Get Up!

Perfect closing track?

PAIGE: Our recent melodic remake of London Grammar’s classic, Hey Now. Every gig so far, this record has been the winner. It’s very gentle, loving and uniting. Looking out from the DJ booth to people dancing, hugging, kissing, and celebrating as the record builds and builds and builds, is priceless to me. It will probably be my closing track for many dancefloors to come.

Thanks for chatting to us guys! All the best with the release


Paige & Nihil Young – Lonely Night EP is out now via Purified Records