This new EP from Dilate Records brings a familiar face back to the release schedule in the form of label owner Evans. disCerN + Signal Flow (Culprit LA, My Favourite Robot) & Ataxia (Culprit LA, Leftroom) also make up this amazing remix package. The track is original in every way possible, from the lead, to the pads, to the drums and  the vocals. The main purpose is to bring emotions into music and capturing not just a place, but a state of mind. The warm bass line and dark reverbs on the vocals, work perfectly to bring feeling into every inch of this track. It masters the art of balancing dark and meaningful, with keeping the dance floor moving.

The first remix comes from distinguished gentlemen,  disCerN + Signal Flow, who straight away deliver with a summer style terrace vibe. The percussion is crisp, snappy and alive, and the bass line hits in all the right places to give it that proper groove.  Ataxia follow with a dark and spooky approach with attitude running throughout the tune. The track keeps growing from start to finish, not letting the dance floor stop for a second. Trippy and emotive, this is a collectors item and a must have in any DJ’s catalog.


Artist:  Evans
Title:  00.9
Label:  Dilate Records
Catalog No.:  DR009