Istanbul based Eren Eren conjures up the latest heat on Petra Recordings. The ‘Seven Days’ EP is lighting up dancefloors across the board with its mature and atmospheric energies.

Gracefully absorbing influences from his home city, and thrusting himself upon the scene there reflects in his intelligently arranged productions.

We asked Eren Eren to discuss – How it was Made?


“The main piece was an MPC2000 which I used both for sampling purposes and sequencing synthesis & drum machines. I can’t even imagine a studio without one.”“The drum programming was made by a R8 Mk2 which is an old Roland product with ROM based 808-909-727 samples. I used many little touches from various synthesizers like Roland JV-2080, Microkorg and plenty of synthesizer samples triggered from my MPC but two main synthesizer which I used to shape the overall sound was a Dave Smith Prophet 08 and Waldorf Blofeld which despite to its size is my favorite piece of VA equipment…”“Also, I used an Arturia Beatstep Pro to vary my sequencing capabilities and connectivity. The creation approach was simple; create a valuable workflow between devices and let them communicate with each other. All the tracks are made through jam sessions and recorded in real time with little editing.”Keep up on the latest from Eren Eren here, SoundCloud, and Facebook. ‘Seven Days’ out now on Petra Recordings.