[New Release]   Newly formed record label Prismat Recordings are showing that they can hang with the best of them in their first release called Reigns Over You.  Produced by Emde and Iori Wakasa, Reigns Over You is a delightfully upbeat release that will have you dancing all day.  In addition, Andre Crom, Martin Dawson and Anton Kubikov all have remixes on the EP, making it even more tantalizing.

The title track, ‘Reigns Over You,’ is a a beautiful production with its alluring, deep groove, provocative bass line, and inviting vocals.  The remix by Martin Dawson and Andre Crom, as well the remix by Anton Kubikov, are definitely on the later-night side and have a deeper, more ominous feel to them with a sexy energy that will keep the dance floor rockin’.

Overall this is an awesome release — an all around deep gem.  Every track is stellar, making this first release from a brand new label something to be proud of. This definitely makes Prismat Recordings an up-and-coming force to keep an eye on.




Artist:  Emde & Iori Wakasa
Title:  Reigns Over You
Label:  Prismat Recordings
Catalog No.:  PR001


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