“Holy, Endlessly Sad, Love” set for release 29th October


Stockholm-born singer-songwriter Elias has unveiled new single ‘My Hope’, out 17th September via his imprint Haale Records through the AntiFragile Music label. Propelled by pure emotion, ‘My Hope’ pairs Elias’ impassioned vocals with sparse instrumentation before making way for a powerful crescendo. It sees the Swedish artist continue with his shift in sonic direction away from the ‘big sound’ that has characterised his career to date. Describing his new material as “striving after rawness”, Elias’ latest offerings reference artists such as Swedish Jazz piano legend Jan Johansson, Nick Cave and Tom Waits“To me it’s about having nothing to lose and giving away everything; throwing your heart out there for someone to catch.” Elias comments. “Everything on this song is recorded live, Kalle Erkenborn plays his incredible drums live, Teodor Wolgers the piano, bass and guitar and me on the vocals.

Following on from ‘Hold It Out’‘Let Me Be The One’, ‘My Kind Of Fire’ and ‘Holy’, becomes Elias’ fifth release of 2021. All of the tracks are set to feature on his upcoming album Holy, Endlessly Sad, Love, out on 29th October on Haale RecordsElias’ own freshly-launched label, a move that complements the honest, introspective nature of his recent output. Continuing with one of his most prolific periods to date, ‘My Hope’ is another Elias track that comes from the heart. 

Elias 1 by Nicole Saboune .JPG