Every once in awhile those little voices inside discover hidden secrets, like Elektra Rosenberg’sThe Voices Inside My Head ’ EP.  The EP was released on Schleuder Records, another techno secret out of Cologne Germany, which started in 2012 by artists Elektra Rosenberg and Raw Sewage. Rosenberg is a punk rock guitarist who has streamlined into a DJ and producer. He has a unique style incorporates rock themes, heavy hook lines and transforming bass. This latest EP is filled with heart pounding techno and incorporates his distinct techno style.

The whole EP ‘Voices Inside My Head ’ features Elektra Rosenberg with unique remixes by Florian Frings, Mike Debueser, and Tekknotica. These German boys really master techno and you can hear it throughout the EP. The original starts with a riveting snare breaking into a melodic electronic melody that grooves through the track adding a chaotic piano break, making this track a sweet delicacy.  Fring’s remix adds more grime and a space atmosphere behind the scenes of the track.  Tekknotica’s remix really picks up the pace at 128bpm with the moving “eep” behind the scene of the deeper bass that this remix has. Debueser’s remix is very climatic, with a more profound bassline.  Each of these remixes is very different from the other with each artist’s creativity added in. This EP is a techno masterpiece. What a sweet little techno treasure.


Artist: Florian FringsMike DebueserElektra Rosenberg
Release Date: 2015-02-11
Label: Schleuder

Becky Beloved