Acclaimed Bristol-based electronic duo Ekcle have released the stunning Double A-side ‘Serpent Grail’ / ‘Sosen Yahn’.

Both tracks mark an exciting new direction for Ekcle and a further maturing in their unique sound, as they take the listener with them on their journey, with both tracks representing the cycle of life.

‘Serpent Grail’ builds beautifully from its delicate and fragile opening, as shimmering, glitchy layers are cleverly added, leading to a euphoric crescendo, which is then stripped back completely. In Ekcle’s words: “Serpent Grail represents the birth of a new seed, life that grows and flourishes throughout the course of its lifespan.”

‘Sosen Yahn’ presents the seed as it reaches the end of its cycle, as it withers away ready to be reborn once again. The gentle piano chords of the beginning make way for an intoxicating fusion of glockenspiel, bass and percussion rising towards a climatic ending, before ending with distant voices and footsteps.

Ekcle said: “We wanted to explore the concept of duality; painting two unique pieces that were thematically and sonically tethered and reiterating the notion that one cannot exist without the other.”

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