Hey people! I’m glad to return with the MI4L family. It’s been a minute but I’m happy to be reporting in from the Caribbean once again. This month we have plenty of news from Chopville. We’re starting the party with Editorial Records’ 19th release on vinyl.

As you may have noticed, about 90% of what gets released in the realm of disco and dance music (as it is with pretty much all genres nowadays) is baloney. You have to dig deeper and deeper to find that 10% of great music. Still somehow, Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee’s Editorial imprint has managed to stay committed to showcasing only the quality jams we’ve come to know and love. Satisfaction guaranteed or yo’ money back. And it’s not only about the great music. Each 12″ design is created personally with love and care by EW – and the love is there for all to feel when you add any Editorial record to your collection. Only 19 releases in the label has already made a lasting impression; putting out music from the likes of Rahaan, Loz Goddard, Luvless, Riccio, Yse Saint Laur’ant, DJ Steef, Sunner Soul and so many more.

We spoke to Ed Wizard and he said the art for The Way We Groove EP was inspired by NYC and a phenomenon that rarely occurs where the sun sets right down the middle of the street… maybe Manhattan? Nuthin’ but the love and this is how we do it.

Now let’s get to the music.

Art Of Tones starts things off with Bootyshaker (Under The Influence Of Red Greg Remix) – a chunky funk number with a classic grooving bassline and certain familiar vocals affirming that this music will indeed make your booty shake. And it’s sure to have smiling faces beaming all around the dance floor. A2 belongs to Toronto’s Barry Prophet. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s been making music since the early 80s and teaches experimental percussion throughout Canada. His track Closer calmly guides us with smooth drums and a subtle sophisticated melody. Gritty guitar and lush synths compliment the arrangement… No need for big drops here.

Flip over and we have Editorial stalwart Matt Hughes with Walk The Chalk. It’s packed with Hughes’ signature midtempo style; crafty filters, sweeps, and vintage feeling keyboards and guitars. Next up is Special Q. He’s popped up on Editorial’s digital side before, but this is the Venetian’s first foray into the world of vinyl. Lost In You is an 80s-inspired balearic piece rich with flanger sounds, vocoder lyrics and delightfully hypnotizing pads – all slowed down and seemingly perfect for a nighttime cruise down Miami’s Ocean Drive, bright neon lights glistening off the hood of your Cadillac. To close things out Australia’s Sellouts deliver a beautiful instrumental that may be my favorite offering on the record. The hip-hop-heavy sounds come out to play, with vocal snips and a classy bit of sampling. Plus I’m a sucker for anything that can bring Dilla to mind.

A great way to round out this EP from a label that knows how to keep things consistent. Word on the street is ED20 will be their first full-length LP so keep an eye out. For now – go get The Way We Groove from Juno, Deejay or other fine record retailers.  

Preston Ernest
Contributing Editor