Soulful multi-hyphenate DWY shares a screenplay-worthy story on his anticipated 8-Bit Memories mixtape with lead single ‘Summers Over’. 

For his debut 7-track project, the South London sonic auteur assembles airy anthems out of organic instrumentation and throwback production as his delivery stretches from moments of intimate observation into overpowering emotion. 8-Bit Memories artfully distils the pre-Y2K whimsy of your favourite nineties flick into the icy genre-blurring adventurous of the post-808s & Heartbreak generation. 

“The mixtape is based on my life from the age of nineteen until now,” explains DWY“It discusses relationships and figuring yourself out. During the whole period, I was really good friends with a girl. We always had a bit of chemistry, but something was in the way.” he adds “I love the films of Quentin Tarantino and movies like mid90s. So, telling stories is my main thing, and the project captures nostalgia in its many forms. That’s why it’s called 8-Bit Memories. You see memory through a prism-like an 8-bit Nintendo Gameboy. It’s hazy and not quite clear. That’s how I’m viewing the specific time in my life.”

Capturing DWY’s vulnerability, 8-Bit Memories offers the perfect sonic backdrop for new and old memories alike. “I hope listeners find some solace in it,” he leaves off. “There may be a record in there that sums up how you’re feeling. I hope it can soundtrack moment’s in your life.”

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Credit: Khaleell Smith