It was arguably Dusky’s Flo Jam release on Dogmatik that helped propel them to the lofty heights they are now enjoying, so it makes perfect sense for the EP to be revisited by a tasty selection of contemporary talents. The resulting remixes will be released in two parts – the first with versions by Mange Tout and Kris Wadsworth, the second from Laura Jones and James What.

Mange Tout turn in a woozy and drowsy melodic reworking of the EP title track ‘Flo Jam’ that is pinned around a very slow and purposeful, rubberised house kick. The original vocals lurk in there behind all sorts of psychedelic synth lines and it couldn’t be a more esoteric offering.

On the flip, Berlin based Get Physical associate Kris Wadsworth turns in a much moodier rework, this time of ‘Numerical’. It’s hugely sparse and slightly unsettling, with knocking on wood beats and a churning mechanical groove all growing ever more agitated as the track progresses with that usual Wadsworth élan.

The second part of the package sees Visionquest producer and House mistress Laura Jones tackle ‘Every Day’. She opts to layer in many wavy synth lines, which bring with them plenty of spiritual colour and hypnotic greatness without every straying to far from an infeg ctious house rhythm.

Finally, London producer and DJ James What gets the nod to reinterpret ‘Mystics’ and does so with a cool hand. His version is elongated and melodic, bubbling along and bristling with a subtle percussive energy that recalls the sorts of sounds that go down so well at DC: 10 on a Sunday afternoon.

The original EP certainly did some damage – and was yet another fine A&R stroke from the Dogmatik boss – and these remixes are likely to do just the same in the coming months.


Artist:  Dusky
Title:  Flor Jam Remixes Part 1 & 2
Label:  Dogmatik Records
Catalog No.:  DOG1202x

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