We love introducing new labels as they are fresh on the scene, ready to inspire with cutting edge sounds from talented artists-and it looks like London’s DEXT Recordings is set to do just that. Bristolian producer Dubspeeka takes on the debut release along with interpretations from British collaborators of the darker persuasion, Applebim & Komon.

The raw, crazed momentum flowing through the entire package is sure to entice those late night marathons, stripping back your cares and grooving you into the morning. “Leaving Home” begins the ride with that deep, resounding bass that remains consistent throughout along with faint, vocal touches that add a nice melodic twist, while “Creature Funk” punches with forceful percussion for some creepy, tech-driven madness. Komon dreams up the title track with his fine, personal touch and signing off on their collaboration, the final remix rounds out with a smooth tone and shimmering sound.

Excited to see what DEXT has in store for us in the future! Purchase on vinyl HERE and keep an eye out for the digital release next week <3

Artist: Dubspeeka, Applebim & Komon
Title: Leaving Home
Label: DEXT
Release Date: May 21st, 2014
Catalogue #: DEXT001