The twenty second release on Cadenza Lab comes from Dubfound, a producer from Moldova who has been quietly yet determinedly honing his sound for a couple of years now. Via labels like 8Bit, Memoria, Intacto and his own Tobus imprint, Dubfound has been exploring the deeper shades of tech-house, his music always comes with plenty of essential space and ambience, and his Cadenza Lab debut is no exception. On Acan, muted, freestyle brass hangs menacingly over a soft, bouncing groove, shakers and woody drum fills keep it lively, building upon a tribal atmosphere over its eleven minutes. Windy is an apt title for a track such as this; distant drums, haunting strings and groaning brass hang in the air whilst little melodies play out of the various instrumentation and otherworldly dialogue floats over this very ingenious and well produced track. A superb offering from Dubfound here, and a producer that sits very well on the Cadenza Lab roster.


Artist: Dubfound
Title:  Acan
Label: Cadenza Lab
Catalog No.:  CAL022