Dubfire will be performing his groundbreaking live audio/visual hybrid performance alongside Art Department at Minimax’s ultra creative Secret Garden party during Art Basel–Miami’s eclectic 4-day art fair going on its 15th year, December 1-4, 2016. TICKETS & MORE INFO

The techno titan started Dubfire:live as an act of reinvention–to constantly stay above the norm–and that he did. The show features 3D animation visuals weaved with live audio to give off a truly immersive experience; something that Secret Garden event producers pride themselves on.

Minimax founders, Matt and Richard, took the time out their busy promo schedule to chat with us about the show, Art Basel and the evolution of Secret Garden.

Interview with Secret Garden event producers, Matt and Richard

How long have you been doing events in Miami?
Since the late 90’s we have been involved in producing events in one form or another, but as Minimax we have been officially creating unique concept events since 2008.

What’s your involvement with Art Basel and the art community in Miami?
Minimax produces Secret Garden, a monthly micro-festival in Wynwood, Miami’s Art District where we fuze together art and music to create immersive experiences. Minimax has now been producing different underground parties in Miami during Art Basel since 2010 and this is our first introduction of Secret Garden to the Art Basel weekend of events. As far as the community, we work with several local and international emerging and established level artists. Our goal is to offer a platform free of artistic restraints to our participants.

What’s the link between music and art during Art Basel?
In the end, Music is an art form. There is all types of different art galleries and different musical performances happening during Art Basel but rarely do they truly offer an immersive experience that fuzes them both together. When we had the opportunity to produce the Dubfire:live HYBRID performance we jumped at the opportunity create this multi-faceted event at a special pop up location, Smashed Canvas that we created Art Basel 2015.

What exciting things on the docket for Minimax in 2017?
Secret Garden has grown into something larger than we could have ever imagined starting 4 years ago. We are now going to adjust from a monthly event in Wynwood and are looking to only do it once every other month in Miami while we explore new locations across Florida and the United States. We are also working with some partners to hopefully see Secret Garden’s Experiences traveling to different locations in other countries as well.

What are some things you recommend to check out during Art Basel?
Wynwood is the epicenter of Art Basel as far as we are concerned. There are great murals going up everywhere so the raw street art is unprecedented and best of all it is free. But definitely checking out the shows like Art Miami, Scope, Pulse, and Context are highly recommended as it will give you a chance to see worldclass art and rub elbows with famous and immersive artists just the same.

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