A new-age urban oasis, Missippi’s offers guests a home from home, blending the best of Bali’s colourful cafes with a touch of Tulum’s tropics and the artistry of Miami.

Introducing Missippi’s Pool Bar & Social Hub – a joint venture by two industry giants: CANDYPANTS and LIVIT Hospitality Management. A fun, accessible and brand-new poolside hangout located on the rooftop of Avani Ibn Battuta Dubai, Missippi’s is the perfect escape from the concrete jungle, without the hassle of leaving Dubai. Picture the colourful cafes of Bali, throw in a touch of Tulum’s tropics, add the artistry of Miami, and top it off with a wide selection of vibrant bevvies, global bites and unique cocktails.   

  Missippi’s is the neighbour you’ve always dreamt of, and everyone knows that the best neighbours have the best drinks. At Missippi’s, there’s a drink for every occasion and an occasion for every drink. Head Mixologist Enrik Luzi and his team are always on hand to whip up a unique concoction, capable of painting a smile on any mood, complemented by a wide selection of international hops, spirits and grape. 

Everyone knows that good times are made all the better with great food! Executive Chef Nasser and Head Chef Kadar have carefully curated a menu that evolves throughout the day and is full of delicious favourites from across the globe, to provide the ideal fuel for your social escapades. From hunger-busting breakfasts for the early risers and tasty lunchtime treats to satisfy that afternoon appetite, to outstanding dinner options for the evening – Missippi’s brings colour, flavour and a whole lot of personality to every plate. 

More info:https://missippisdxb.com/