Marco Effe is an Italian DJ/Producer that certainly holds his own in the studio with a variety of unique skills that always produce beats that are remembered by the masses. We sat down with the man recently to discuss his recent tour in South America, his upcoming ‘Impress’ brand parties, and what he has coming up for the rest of 2017.

Marco’s ‘Impress’ party is next at Watergate Berlin on 22nd March… MORE INFO

Hi Marco, how are you?
Hi guys, I’m fine thanks. I’m enjoying some relaxing moments after the last weekend.

You just finished your South America tour, how did you find it?
I just got back to my normal rhythm after two weeks of extensive experience and excellent results obtained by this my last tour.

I was very curious to see how my music would have worked on a different audience although they are very close and attentive to our European musical movement. I must say that I was very pleased to see three different countries of South America have fun and follow my musical journey. From Ecuador to Chile passing through Brazil. A set of experiences and satisfaction that I will keep with me over time.

What place did you most enjoy visiting?
I love to be mesmerized by different places and cultures and I am also interested to discover its values and principles. As an artist, I think that we have to consider ourselves lucky and appreciate the great opportunity that we have to travel around. I was enchanted by Valparaiso in Chile, a Valley of peace by the sea where they certainly do not lack the desire for fun.

What club was the most enjoyable to play?
Each club had its own unique energy. It’s difficult to focus on one of them.. The party at “La Terraza” of Florianopolis in Brazil has given me a great satisfaction but I always found an audience up to my expectations even in the other events. I am very happy to see that music can connect each other despite the cultural differences in this sector.

What’s the South American scene like, how did they receive your music?
I can say that the musical culture in South America is growing day by day. Everything that we create and develop in Europe, can be reached in a few moments even beyond the ocean, where the people are happy to receive some new musical influences. I noticed a great interest and curiosity to appreciate the European sound. Open by genre and musical development, they have a great spirit that made me find the perfect feeling with the dance floor. Perhaps we have something to envy ..

Will you be returning soon?
I always like to extend the working relationship with the new countries and share my future projects. To return is already one of my objectives for the next year.

We’ve also been following your Impress parties! What inspired you to start a party brand of your own?
Impress is something that I really care because it’s a project that I share with some close friends and this makes it great. It all started on a simple evening in Berlin with friends, whilst me and my partner Weg, were fantasizing about some ideas.. The desire to offer something new to the club scene, to express the love for music and to show for what it can demonstrate, was crucial for my inspiration. The music is connected to the art giving a cultural impression.

What locations have you got lined up for your showcases?
Since the project started in 2014, we have our residency in the magic Waterfloor of the Watergate Club in Berlin. This place has also been part of our inspirations for Impress. We started to look out of Germany after the first season and we already achieved great results with some great locations in Zurich, London, Italy and more..

Are you sticking to a particular style of music or will your line ups be varied genre wise?
Impress is a side project to my artistic identity, but it goes towards the same horizon. Our concept exposes a complete identity to the word music that is always expressed by quality artists more or less famous who can represent different musical genres. The style of music is covered from our goal which is to release unique emotions to the people and provide opportunities for all those who have something to express.

You’re a busy man, how do you manage your time between touring, gigging and producing?
I like to be busy, this means you are giving your contribution in life. I always find the time for everything because I think that when you like to do something, there is nothing that stops you. Of course there are moments to invest more time the music or other moments to concentrate better to develop projects or dedicate time to the family but since you like your life, the “busy” word take a different sense.

Any more tours lined up for 2017?
I have many things coming up this year and everything is taking its right position. I’m looking forward to going back to Australia again in April for the second time and beside some shows around Europe, seems that Asia is calling again..

What does the future hold for Marco Effe?
I also have many releases coming up including remix from great artists like Eduardo De La Calle and 2000 and One but the music will always be part of my life and this is the clearest vision of what the future will hold for me.