Radiant charge on with a slick seventh EP that comes from Dorian Craft. The French artist shows off his skills and has the likes of Pete Tong as a fan. His originals come with remixes from Sabb and Fabio Aurea. 

The mood overall is deep and slow burning, with opener Avila dancing on light drums with celestial chords taking you to the heavens. The Sabb remix is riddled with vocal suds and is just as smooth and seductive while Fabio Aurea layers in more last night melody and a sense of cosmic storytelling. Kaskida closes things down with the most edgy synths and frazzled synth textures. It’s a tune to inject energy into the floor after the epic and subtly intense Les Mots Du Ciel with its dangling keys and pained vocals. 

Avila is out now! Grab it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/avila/2433298