Doorly made a significant impact in our beloved music scene in 2016 from producing for Usher, sharing the stage with The Prodigy, two essential mixes and so much more. His fire is growing bigger this year, and on St. Patty’s Day his Brassphemy EP was officially released on Cajual Records. Since 1994 this Chicago-based house label has been providing amazing sounds. Their steam just keeps flowing as we get this jacked up EP!

Kickin off the EP “Tramp” brings in a lick of the 20’s swing jazz and ads in today’s house flavor. It is a track that puts out those old school feels. “Brassphemy” relishes with up to the minute kicks and a smooth bassline that builds into an amazing groove. Adding in the brass band this sensational track gets wild with it. This vibrant EP is sure to pulsate danceloors.


Artist: Doorly
Release Date:
Label: Cajual
Label:Catalog No: Caj406

Doorly – Brassphemy


Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor