Hype & Soul welcome DJ Sulli for a big new single that comes as four different versions, with Vic Crulich on two remixes. 

Back The F**k Up (Rollin Mix) gets things underway with chunky, low slung house beats and drum banging energy. Its fat and full flavour. The Deeper Dub is just that, stripped back to a more succulent and fleshy grover for heady floors. Back The F**k Up (Vic Crulich Deep End Remix) is the most tense and hard edged of the lot, with rib rattling beats and scraping synths. Back The F**k Up (Vic Crulich Remix) closes out with plants of white noise, monstrous kick drums and energy to spare. A fine EP overall. 

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/back-the-fuck-up/3067045