Georgia has an increasingly vital techno scene and DJ Najaora is right at the heart of it. Here he lands on the Catch label, which is always known for being forward thinking and offering up innovative sounds. This latest EP is no different and features three tracks of analogue electro and techno. 

Opener Night dreamers it he punchiest of the lot. It has kicking drums pounding below and grizzly synth textures roaming up top. It makes for a real adventure that gets more cerebral as it moves on. Space Call is then a more percussive number with slapping snares and gurgling synth lines bubbling away like molten lava. Smeared pads add a sense of depth and then acid lines take you away. Last of all, სიმულაკრი closes things out with serrated synths and booming kick that disappear way down low. It’s a cut that takes you for a fantastic ride through the cosmos and closes out a superb EP.  

Night Dreamers EP is out now! Order your copy here: