Picture: Sasha Carassi

Record Label: Diynamic Music
Cat.Number: DIYNAMIC121
Release Date: 13th December 2019

The seventh installment of the “Picture” series is hosted by electronic music veteran Sasha Carassi. The Italian presents highly emotive Techno with nods to his adolescent 80s by implementing nostalgic organ, string or electric guitar sounds into his deep and driving productions.

Diynamic Music’s “Picture” series is a document in time, showcasing an artist’s current creative output in order to allow the listener to visualize and understand the artist at a certain moment. It is not an album format, but far more than merely an EP. “Picture:” is various dancefloor-oriented facettes of one producer, shaping the imagery that ultimately results in the listeners mind.

Picture: Sasha Carassi (Snippets) – https://soundcloud.com/diynamic-music/sets/sasha-carassi-picture-sasha-carassi-previews/s-CaPBO

1) The Crows Battle (Original Mix)
2) Elethnic (Original Mix)
3) Spaceballad (Original Mix)
4) Neurotic Saturday (Original Mix)
5) Vega (Original Mix)
6) Sigh (Sunset at Experimental Beach Mix)

Diynamic SC: https://soundcloud.com/diynamic-music

Sasha Carassi SC: https://www.facebook.com/SashaCarassiOfficial/

Sasha Carassi Web: http://www.sashacarassi.com/?fbclid=IwAR29uWRniS40sPi2HkCcQ1HscbDT092WDeeSDWNvtnIKFoG7lGwxDFepIIU